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Common music mixing mistakes to steer clear of while mastering with Color Theory

Updated: Feb 23

Get better at mixing by avoiding common music mixing mistakes

Listen to episode 122: Essential Basic Mixing and Mastering Mistakes to Avoid: A Conversation with Color Theory ⬇️

In my recent podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Hazard, better known by his stage name Color Theory. Known for his unique music style, Brian shared a wealth of knowledge on music production, music mixing and mastering mistakes, songwriting, and the evolving landscape of music distribution.

As a musician heavily influenced by Depeche Mode and the Eagles, Brian brings a unique perspective to the art of songwriting. He believes in starting with a catchy title and letting the lyrics and melody flow from there. The process, as he describes it, involves building a production snippet and then producing the entire instrumental. His workflow is efficient and systematic, resulting in an impressive record of completing 72 songs in six years.

We also delved into the intricacies of mixing and mastering, topics often debated among music producers. Brian shared his purist and minimalist approach to music creation, emphasizing that mixing should not be seen as a separate process. Instead, it should be a part of the overall creative process. He advises aspiring producers to avoid mixing through compression and limiting, as this can hinder the final output.

Brian's insights into multi-band compression and dynamic EQ provided a valuable understanding of their role in modern production techniques. He shared his preference for dynamic EQ over multi-band compression and highlighted its advantages in addressing specific frequencies. These techniques, he stressed, can be invaluable tools in a music producer's arsenal.

We also discussed the evolving landscape of music distribution and audience engagement. Brian opened up about his experience with Patreon, a platform revolutionising his connection with his audience. He believes that the recently announced Spotify-Patreon collaboration has the potential to provide significant advantages for artists, offering a new way to reach and engage with listeners.

In the realm of music production and songwriting, Brian Hazard is an industry veteran with valuable insights to share. Whether you're a budding music producer, a seasoned songwriter, or a music enthusiast, his experience and wisdom are worth paying attention to.

To gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of music production, songwriting, and the evolving music industry, be sure to tune into our enlightening conversation with Brian Hazard on our podcast. There's much to learn and plenty of inspiration to draw from as we navigate the ever-changing world of music.

What's Next?

I've got a hunch about a common struggle you might be facing – mastering. If you're an independent artist or music producer, you've probably encountered the frustration of masters that just don't hit the mark. They lack balance and refuse to play nice across different devices and environments. Ever found yourself wondering, "Why don't my masters sound like my references?"

Perhaps you've spent endless hours attempting to master your tracks, only to be unsatisfied with the results. Maybe you've tried every "silver bullet" plugin or even dabbled in AI, yet the magic eludes you. Or perhaps you're already working with an engineer, but you're eager to explore different possibilities.

Well, here's the solution you've been searching for – Synth Music Mastering. I'm offering a great opportunity with a one-time free test master for a limited time. Picture effortlessly elevating your music with my unwavering commitment to quality and a personalised touch that you just don’t get with the big mastering studios. The best part? It won't cost you a penny. Just submit your finished mix, and let's see how we can transform your music together. Are you ready to breathe new life into your music? Grab your FREE TEST MASTER now!


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