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Forget what you've done in the past... let me handle the mastering so you can focus on making music👇

⭐ STEP 1

Ready to unleash the full potential of your track?

Make sure your mix is balanced and free of any major errors before uploading. This will ensure the best possible results during the mastering process. Make sure you read the FAQs section for information on the files I accept for mastering and if you want feedback from a professional ear, check out my mix feedback service for amazing results.

⭐ STEP 2

Fill out the quick submission form 👇

Next, tell me a little bit about your track! The submission form is quick and painless, just a few key details to help me understand your vision. Copy and paste a link to download your final mix in the form below and describe the genre, any specific references you have in mind, and anything else you think might be helpful.


Here to Collaborate: Don't be shy! The more information you provide, the better I can tailor the master to your unique sound.

NB: The test master service is limited to one track only. 

⭐ STEP 3

Relax and let the magic happen

Now comes the fun part! Sit back, grab a coffee (or your favourite beverage), listen to my podcast, and let me work my mastering magic. I'll meticulously analyse your track, using top-notch equipment and years of experience to enhance clarity, punch, and overall polish. I'll get back to you in three to five working days.

The Finishing Touch: Mastering is like a masterpiece's final brushstrokes–elevating your mix to professional standards.

⭐ STEP 4

Experience the difference

Within three to seven working days, you'll receive your mastered track back. Prepare to be blown away! A/B it with your original mix and hear the incredible transformation.

Ready to Impress? If you love the results, you'll have the option to order a full master for your entire project at a preferential rate or you can Book a Discovery Call and start discussing your next mastering project with me.

The first pass of the master came back perfectly

Marc is a very professional and competent engineer. He's also an excellent mentor and has a keen ability to articulate the sometimes confusing world of audio mixing/mastering in a way that's clear and concise. He did an outstanding job on the mastering service I had requested, which came with 3 revisions. None of which is required, since the first pass of the master came back perfectly. Would happily work with Marc again for future projects!


Ready to Release Finish More Songs and Release Music You're Proud Of? 

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