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Get ready to create your next HIT with my 

Producer Growth Scorecard

Finish More Songs and Release More Music in Just 28 Days!

Are you struggling with sporadic releases? Do you have a hard drive full of unfished songs or maybe you’re feeling stuck as a producer or artist? Take on my Producer Growth Scorecard 28-Day Challenge and spend more time doing what you love!

Image by James Owen

12 Steps to a Mastering Ready Mix

I've created a totally free checklist and with these 12 steps, you'll be able to make the mastering process super smooth and exciting and take your music up a notch!

Image by Techivation

5 Essential Free Mastering Plugins

Your mixes are on fire, but mastering is the secret sauce that takes your songs to the next level. Don't let sub-par masters ruin your hard work. I've got your back with a free guide to the top 5 free mastering plugins. Let's kick frustration to the curb and breathe new life into your masters. Get ready to conquer the mastering game like a true pro.

Logic Pro X

Boss Mixing with my Logic Pro Synthpop Mix Template

I made this Logic Pro synthpop mixing template that's totally free! It'll help you get started with mixing and finish more tracks in less time, without sacrificing quality.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

14 Steps to Kickstart Your Mixing

I've put together a free checklist that will make the mixing process a breeze. Are you ready to save time and streamline your mixing process?

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