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Inside The Mix Podcast

You have reached the ultimate destination for weekly music production advice, tutorials, and interviews that will breathe new life into your music and surpass all expectations!


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#93: Leveling Up Your Mix: Mastering Techniques and Songwriting Tips (PRODUCER KICKSTART: Eric Junge) 

🎧 21:55 listen

#97 YouTubeThumbnail.png

#97: Sharpening Your Sound with Essential Reverb Mixing Tips 

🎧 12:23 listen

#82 YouTubeThumbnail.png

#82: 5 Essential Logic Pro X Tips to Improve Your Workflow 

🎧 11:58 listen

#95 YouTubeThumbnail.png

#95: Master Your Bass Mixing Skills: Inside the Production of 'Let You Go'

🎧 21:32 listen

About the host


Meet Marc Matthews, the ultimate musical multitasker! As a guitar shredder, producer extraordinaire, and mixing/mastering magician, Marc has done it all. He spent over 8 years in the metal quintet Engraved Disillusion, touring Europe and releasing killer albums that'll make your eardrums bleed.

After earning an MSc in Music Education and Production from the University of South Wales, UK, Marc's passion for sharing knowledge led him to also become a Qualified Teacher. He loves teaching other producers how to take their tracks from meh to magnificent!

But wait, there's more! Marc is also the host of the popular podcast Inside The Mix, where he gets up close and personal with the big names in the mixing game. Want to know their secrets to creating killer sounds? Tune in and find out!

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