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Check out my special BONUS Bootcamp 👇

🎹 Take your music mixing skills from entry-level to professional level, and create music that stands shoulder to shoulder with commercial releases!

Marc is extremely easy to work with, a great communicator and goes above and beyond to help out.

Marc is extremely easy to work with, a great communicator and goes above and beyond to help out. I’ve done some coaching sessions to fill in the gaps in my technical knowledge and I would highly recommend him to anyone that’s looking to upskill!

Lawrence Mark


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Learn more about the 90-Day Producer Bootcamp 👇

🎚️ UNLEASH YOUR MUSIC MIXING POTENTIAL with the 90-Day Producer Bootcamp.

Are you a producer or artist who wants to take your music mixing to the next level? Look no further because I've got just the thing for you! Join my 90-day Producer Bootcamp and let me help you become the artist you were always meant to be.

I'll guide you through the entire process of mixing professional-quality music, so you can start releasing your music with confidence. You'll learn my seven fundamentals of mixing and more, and with my help, you'll be able to create tracks that stand out in today's competitive music industry.
🚀 Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow and succeed as a producer and artist. Join my 90-day Producer Bootcamp now and let's make some amazing music together!

🔑 The keys to a professional mix

Let's face it - making music that sounds like it's ready to take over the airwaves isn't easy. It's like trying to hit a bullseye while blindfolded - you might get lucky, but chances are you'll miss the mark.

Luckily, I've spent the past decade learning the secret sauce that makes a great mix stand out. It's not rocket science, but it does require following a simple yet effective process.

Step one: figure out what your track needs to sound amazing. Step two: follow a straightforward mixing process that hits all the right notes. Step three: rinse and repeat until every song you make is an instant hit.

If you can do these three things, you'll be a self-made mix engineer maestro in no time. You'll finally create music that not only makes you proud but also connects with your fans. And when it's time to hit export, you won't have any regrets - only high-fives and a sense of accomplishment.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But with a little bit of guidance and a lot of determination, you can become a better producer and take your music to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Let's make some magic!

💀 The struggles of mixing your own music

😔 The end result never quite sounds like your favourite artists (yet)
😔 There’s no second pair of ears to tell you what to fix
😔 There are so many tools, and you’re not sure how and when to use them
😔 You have unlimited control - you can endlessly tweak things and get stuck

Mixing your own music can be a wild ride. It's like being a chef without a sous chef - you're flying solo and hoping for the best. You've got all these fancy gadgets in the kitchen, but no idea how to use them properly. And to make matters worse, you're not just cooking up one dish - you're expected to whip up a whole banquet!

Learning mixing, arranging, music theory, songwriting, sound design, drum's like trying to master every instrument in the orchestra at once. It's no wonder becoming your own mixing engineer isn't a piece of cake.

But trust me, the satisfaction of creating something that sounds as good as your favorite artists is sweeter than a slice of pie. And the secret ingredient to success? A system. Like any top chef, you need a recipe to follow - one that's adaptable yet reliable, comprehensive yet practical.

So don't be afraid to get your hands dirty in the studio kitchen. With the right system, you can cook up some seriously tasty tunes.

This is not an amateur service, it's a 5-star quality relationship with a musician.

I've worked with Marc more than once, and I'm always thankful for his professionalism and how well-organized he is. It gives me great confidence that he produces good quality masters and pays attention to detail. This is not an amateur service, it's a 5-star quality relationship with a musician.

Your Friend Esteves

🎁 Join the 90-Day Producer Bootcamp today and snag these tidy bonuses!

I want to reward action-takers, so people who sign up today for the 90-Day Producer Bootcamp will have access to these bonus programs, services and products:

Unlock the Secret to a High-Quality Home Studio—On a Budget! (Worth £300)
Transform your creative space without breaking the bank! Gain exclusive access to tips and tricks that will elevate your home studio to professional standards, all while saving you money. Don't miss the chance to revolutionise your sound without the hefty price tag.
How to Make Creating a Songwriting and Music Production Schedule Easy and Enjoyable (Worth £300)
Unleash your creativity effortlessly! Discover the secrets to crafting a schedule that not only boosts productivity but also makes the process of creating music enjoyable. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a harmonious balance between structure and inspiration.
One Master at Synth Music Mastering (Worth £90)
Experience the magic of professional mastering with a complimentary session at Synth Music Mastering. Your tracks will transform, ensuring they reach their sonic potential. This bonus alone is your ticket to a polished and refined sound that stands out in the crowd.
A Song Featured in the Inside the Mix Weekly Newsletter (Worth £50)
Shine a spotlight on your music! Your creation will take centre stage in my exclusive weekly newsletter, reaching a dedicated audience eager to discover fresh sounds. It's more than just exposure; it's a chance for your talent to resonate with a passionate community.
✅ An Exclusive Pass to "Producer Kickstart"
Fast-track your journey to professional-level music production with this exclusive pass! "Producer Kickstart" is your shortcut to mastering the essential skills needed in the industry. Plus, enjoy the added perk of being featured on the Inside the Mix Podcast—an opportunity that could catapult your career to new heights!
Be a Featured Artist on the "Inside The Mix" Podcast
Picture this: Your music is broadcast to a global audience. Be the next featured artist on the "Inside The Mix" Podcast, your golden ticket to industry exposure and success. Elevate your profile and let your unique sound resonate with fans and industry professionals alike.
Access to My Spotify Playlist Curator Database
Open the door to countless opportunities! Gain access to my database of Spotify playlist curators, increasing your chances of getting your tracks in front of the right ears. It's a strategic move that could significantly boost your music's visibility.
A Song on the Synth Music Breakthrough Spotify Playlist
Secure your spot on a playlist that's making waves! Your music will be showcased on the Synth Music Breakthrough Spotify playlist, exposing you to a broader audience and potential collaborators. This bonus is your direct route to breaking through the music scene.

Being a novice to the mix-mastering business, he talked me through every single step.

Marc is so professional and incredibly talented. Being a novice to the mix-mastering business, he talked me through every single step, gave video feedback on everything he was doing with the track, he was timely with everything and very well organised, and his communication was immediate. Couldn’t fault my experience. Would use him again in a heartbeat.

Claire Jordan

  • What is music mastering?
    Online music mastering is the final stage in the music production process. It involves enhancing and preparing your audio tracks for distribution, ensuring they sound polished and cohesive across different playback systems.
  • Why should I choose online mastering for my music?
    Online mastering offers convenience, allowing you to submit your tracks digitally. It also provides access to professional mastering services regardless of your location, and often offers a quicker turnaround.
  • What file formats do you accept for mastering?
    I accept the highest possible quality WAV/AIFF (PCM) files. Ensure that the exported file matches the original recording specifications; for example, if recorded at 48kHz, export at that level. I have a guide that explains my 5 Top Tips to Prepare a Mix for Mastering. Unfortunately, I cannot accept MP3 files, as this compressed format is not suitable for mastering. If MP3 is your only copy, please inform me, and we can discuss potential solutions. Preferably, submit files in 32Bit Float or dithered 24Bit formats. If you need assistance with preparing your mix files, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Ensure that your mix doesn't clip or go over 0dBFS (decibels full scale) to maintain optimal audio quality during the mastering process. Leave one to two seconds of silence before the first waveform (start point) of the track and also after the final audio. Take care to ensure that reverb tails and sustained notes are not cut off. All tracks should be correctly labeled with a song title. For albums or EPs, please number the tracks in order (e.g., 01, 02) to facilitate organisation and sequencing.
  • How do I submit my tracks for mastering?
    You can easily submit your tracks through my online platform. After paying your deposit, you'll be guided through the simple process of uploading your files securely.
  • How long does the mastering process take?
    The turnaround time depends on factors like the complexity of the project and my current workload. Generally, I strive for an efficient turnaround while ensuring the highest quality.
  • Can I attend the mastering session remotely?
    While I don't offer live remote sessions, I keep communication channels open throughout the process. You can provide feedback and discuss your preferences to ensure the final result aligns with your vision.
  • What can I expect from the final mastered product?
    My goal is to enhance your music while preserving your unique sound. You can expect a professionally mastered track with improved clarity, balance, and overall sonic excellence.
  • How much does mastering cost?
    My pricing varies based on the number of tracks and the complexity of the project. Get in touch for a personalised quote.
  • What sets Synth Music Mastering apart from other mastering services?
    I pride myself on a collaborative and personalised approach. My focus on customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to quality sets me apart in delivering a mastering experience that elevates your music.
  • Can I get a test master?
    Certainly! I do offer test mastering services, subject to my availability and you can find out more here.
  • Do you offer revisions?
    Yes, I understand the importance of getting your sound just right. I provide a reasonable number of revisions to ensure you're fully satisfied with the final master.
  • Do you charge extra for additional mix versions, such as Instrumentals or Radio Edits?
    Yes, my pricing typically includes mastering for the main version of your track. However, if you require mastering for additional mix versions like instrumentals, radio edits, or others, we may discuss a reasonable and tailored pricing plan based on your specific needs. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project requirements, and I'll be happy to provide a personalised quote for the additional mix versions you need.
  • What are Apple Digital Masters, and is Synth Music Mastering certified to provide them?
    Apple Digital Masters (ADM) is a set of specifications crafted by Apple and iTunes engineers to optimise the sound of masters after encoding for the iTunes format. Yes, Synth Music Mastering is certified by Apple to deliver ADM ready masters. This means that all masters created by Synth Music Mastering adhere to ADM specifications at no additional charge. By choosing Synth Music Mastering, your music can receive the ADM/Mastered For iTunes Badge on iTunes/Apple Music releases. If you opt for ADM ready masters, I'll provide the necessary submission information for iTunes/Apple Music through your label or aggregator upon request. Get in touch!
  • Do you offer mastering for vinyl?
    No, I do not offer mastering specifically for vinyl. However, I can certainly guide you in the right direction. I have a network of professional vinyl mastering experts and can provide recommendations tailored to suit the unique requirements of your project. Feel free to get in touch, and I'll assist you in finding the right vinyl mastering solution for your needs.
  • What if I'm not happy with the results of the mastering process?
    Your satisfaction is my priority. If, after multiple rounds of revisions, you are not 100% happy with the results, I offer a full refund of the mastering cost. While I've never had to exercise this option, I want to ensure your comfort throughout the process. It's important to note that this refund policy expires once you have signed off on the project, and your deliverables have been sent through. I am committed to delivering a final product that exceeds your expectations, and my guarantee reflects that commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Do you offer other services?
    Most certainly! I offer comprehensive mixing and coaching services. Whether you're looking to enhance the balance and clarity of your tracks or need assistance in the production phase, I'm here to bring out the best in your music. Feel free to explore the details of my mixing services, and let's collaborate to elevate your sound. Learn more with a free Discovery Call with me today.

The impact was significant and it made my track so much better.

I had an amazing experience working with Marc. He provided detailed video feedback on my mix, guiding me through each step to enhance my track. The impact was significant and it made my track so much better. I highly recommend working with Marc without hesitation.

Year of the Fall

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Get access to top-rated music production coaching.

Professional mix and mastering engineer, Marc Matthews

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