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Essential Audio Mastering Tips with Elaine Rasnake (Daughterboard Audio)

Updated: Feb 23

The enigmatic world of audio mastering can be daunting for many. In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Elaine Rasnake, a master audio engineer from Daughterboard Audio, celebrated for her unique approach to mastering and post-production services. Elaine's rich expertise and experience make her an ideal guide to help us unravel the complexities of mastering and provide essential audio mastering tips.

Listen to E98: Unraveling the Intricacies of Audio Mastering with Elaine Rassnake ⬇️

One of the main topics discussed in the episode was the intricacies of mastering various music genres. Elaine emphasized the importance of continual learning in this field, focusing on Internet resources and professional books. She noted the significant role that Bob Katz's book on mastering has played in her professional journey, demonstrating the power of learning from experts in the field.

Additionally, we delved into the importance of familiarizing oneself with headphones for an immersive audio experience. Understanding the frequency response of headphones is critical in the mastering process. Elaine shared her experience of transitioning from closed-back headphones to open-back ones, highlighting the distinct advantages and challenges associated with each.

The conversation also turned toward selecting digital audio workstations (DAWs) and deciding when a mix is ready for mastering. Elaine recounted her journey from mastering Ableton to her current use of Reaper. She emphasized the value of an external perspective in the decision-making process, suggesting that sometimes an outside set of ears can provide valuable insight.

Moreover, we explored the nuances of genre specialization and the value of mentorship in the audio industry. Elaine shared her insights on the pros and cons of focusing on a specific genre, implying that while genre specialization can enhance one's expertise, it can also limit exposure to a diverse range of music. She further underscored the significance of mentorship in this field, stating that it can be instrumental in shaping one's skills and career trajectory.

Finally, we delved into the technical aspects of mastering and the concept of binge-editing. Elaine shared her thoughts on the importance of understanding the frequency response of headphones and the role it plays in the mastering process. She also shed light on her approach to mastering with headphones and the factors she considers when reviewing a mix for mastering.

In conclusion, our conversation with Elaine Rassnake offered a wealth of insights into the world of mastering, with essential audio mastering tips. From understanding the intricacies of audio processing to the nuances of genre specialization, this episode provided an enlightening exploration of the art and science of audio mastering.

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