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The Art of Mixing Music Productivity: A Candid Conversation with Music Producer Brent Hendrick

Updated: Jan 8

In a recent episode of the Inside the Mix podcast, listeners were treated to an enlightening conversation with Brent Hendrich, a seasoned mix engineer with an impressive two-decade career in Nashville's vibrant music scene. This blog post recaps the insightful journey and tips shared by Brent, offering a glimpse into the art of music mixing.

Brent Hendrich stood next to a mixing console in a Nashville recording studio

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Following Your Passion with Courage

Brent's story is one of passion and courage. From his high school days filled with a deep fascination for music, to his leap into the world of freelance mixing, Brent's journey underscores the importance of courageously following one's passion. His experience serves as a reminder that the path to success in the music industry often involves stepping into the unknown, backed by perseverance and a solid support system.

The Mechanics of Music Mixing

A significant part of the episode delved into the technicalities of music mixing. Brent emphasized the often-overlooked aspect of file management, highlighting his use of Chronosync Express for onsite backup and Backblaze for offsite backup. This meticulous approach to data management is crucial in ensuring no file ever gets lost in the shuffle of a busy mix engineer's life.

Balancing Work and Rest

Brent and the host discussed their experiences in finding the balance between work and rest for optimal productivity. Brent shared valuable insights on setting up a mix template, customizing key commands, and labelling tracks, which streamline the workflow significantly. Moreover, he stressed the importance of taking breaks, not just to rest the ears, but to reset one's perspective. A short break can provide a fresh outlook, often revealing elements that might have been missed during an intense mixing session.

The Role of AI in Music Mixing

Looking toward the future, Brent touched upon the exciting potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in music mixing. He envisions AI as a personal assistant to handle non-creative tasks and automate mix preparation. This perspective opens up possibilities for revolutionizing productivity and streamlining repetitive tasks in music production.

Debunking Music Industry Myths

The episode also saw Brent debunking common misconceptions in the music industry. He challenged the notion that great records require extensive gear or that longer mixing times equate to better quality. Instead, he highlighted the importance of factors like monitoring, acoustics, effective use of compression, and critical listening skills.


This episode with Brent Hendrich provided a deep dive into the world of music mixing, offering listeners a blend of personal stories, technical advice, and forward-looking insights. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional in music mixing, the tips and experiences shared by Brent are invaluable for anyone looking to refine their craft.

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