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Expert Tips for Producing Synthwave Music on a Small Budget

Updated: Jan 8

How to make synthwave music

Listen to episode 123: How to make Budget-Friendly Synthwave; Practical Music Production Tips with Reagan Ramm ⬇️

Mastering music production is a journey that encompasses not just the creative process but also the practical aspects of making music. My latest episode of Inside the Mix provides an invaluable resource for budding producers and musicians looking to refine their craft without breaking the bank. The episode begins with a warm New Year greeting and gratitude for the success of my EP "Lost and Found," leading into a conversation that will empower listeners to step out of their production comfort zone and shine on social media.

Reagan Ramm, an experienced audio engineer and musician, joins the conversation, offering an arsenal of cost-effective tips for synthwave music production. The importance of a good computer setup cannot be overstated, and Reagan suggests aiming for a CPU benchmark score above 7000 to ensure smooth music production processes. Listeners are encouraged to select a digital audio workstation (DAW) based on personal preference and workflow rather than perceived quality differences. This reinforces the notion that the quality of music relies more on the producer's input than the software used.

Addressing the myths surrounding DAWs, the episode clarifies that the DAW does not significantly influence the sound of the final product for the untrained ear. It is the quality of the input material that shapes the mix. The discussion moves to the importance of mentorship and education in music production. I share my own experience upgrading from an old MacBook Pro to a Mac Studio, illustrating how gear can influence workflow but not necessarily the result of the production.

When it comes to equipment, Mark emphasizes the importance of using reference tracks, especially in untreated rooms or when using headphones. Tools like iZotope's Tonal Balance Control and Logic Pro's EQ Match feature can help producers compare frequency responses and make informed mixing decisions. Additionally, Mark highlights the value of understanding the nuances of stock plugins in digital audio workstations and the benefits of critical listening.

In a brief but insightful chapter, Reagan Ramm shares various free resources available for listeners. The Orpheus Audio Academy and Reagan's YouTube content offer listeners access to a wealth of knowledge that can help them progress in their musical journey. The episode concludes with a reminder that music production is a journey of continuous learning, and resources like this podcast can provide guidance and inspiration along the way.

This podcast episode is not only a treasure trove of practical tips but also a testament to the power of knowledge sharing in the music production community. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting, Inside the Mix offers actionable insights to help you achieve your musical aspirations.

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