Synth Music Mastering

Synth Music Mastering 

A friendly and helpful service that will work to support you to grow, develop and exceed your expectations! 



I am a professional synth music mastering engineer and I only work with synth music artists. This is because audio is now a world of specialization. You simply cannot be good at everything.


I am an expert at synth music mastering because I've narrowed my focus to only this niche. I provide the best customer service, affordable rates, and fast, easy and reliable service, so what are you waiting for? 


Mastering Mix Prep

No waffle here! I will turn your mix into a dynamically rich, professional, and polished song that translates well onto all types of listening environments, ready for digital and physical release. Do you know what audio mastering is?

Before you send your mixes to a mastering engineer, read through and action the steps in the 'preparing a mix for mastering' checklist above. Never start a mastering session unprepared again! 





I love synth music and the fact you are reading this means you do too! I use my knowledge, creativity, and passion to turn your recordings into sonically dynamic, emotionally provoking, and professionally presented songs ready for release. Do you know the difference between mixing and mastering?

Audio mastering is the final step in the process of making your music sound amazing. It can be the difference between:

  • proudly showing off your music or being so embarrassed you never release it.

  • getting signed or being stuck in "wannabe artist hell" forever. 

  • getting streams or getting ignored. 

Want your hard work to stand out? Want to be proud of your work? Want to actually have your music or project taken seriously? ​Read the testimonials below, BOOK A CHAT, or DM me on Facebook and let's take your music to the next level!